Framing Cities: Understanding Equities of Place

An interdisciplinary symposiumnola

12-14 February, 2014

The City, Culture + Community (CCC) program invites graduate students to submit papers to our inaugural symposium, Framing Cities: Understanding Equities of Place. We live in an increasingly urban world. Best estimates suggest 75% of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050. This presents new social, economic, political, and environmental challenges. We believe these changes must be addressed through the partnership and collaboration of a diverse collection of disciplines.

Our goal is to create an environment in which this fusion of perspectives and approaches will generate productive forms of knowledge, discourse and activism. As the academy continues to evolve, interdisciplinarity proves more and more a necessity. The 2014 City, Culture + Community symposium, Framing Cities: Understanding Equities of Place, will provide a forum for interdisciplinary dialogue on topics related to the environment, culture, production, and social justice.

We invite submissions from a variety of perspectives, theoretical frameworks, and methodologies. We are particularly interested in how scholars frame issues of (but not limited to) design, community, family practices, and social interactions and issues. By place, we mean a cultural context or site in which such social, political, environmental, and economic dynamics occur. It is with an eye towards equity, equality, and social justice that we ask in what ways can we conceptualize, that is understand, and optimize issues of equity.

For questions email Brad Powers, or Clare Cannon,


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